Integration SAP

When should you bring HCL Notes together with SAP?

The various modules of the SAP ERP system are very powerful software components. They are designed to fully map even the most complex processes of large organizations.
This results in a relatively high license price on the one hand and comparatively high training and support costs on the other.

However, there are a whole range of constellations in which users require data from SAP or need to make entries that only address a small percentage of the SAP scope of services.

A few examples, although the list could be extended almost indefinitely:
  • Department heads should enter vacation times and time corrections for their employees in SAP HR.
  • Employees from the social welfare office check whether vehicles are registered in a particular name.
  • Employees should be able to place small orders such as office supplies independently without burdening the procurement department.
  • Fleet managers need to record vehicle operating cost receipts.
  • Sales representatives need sales and outstanding data for their most important customers.
  • Cemetery administration employees need address data for the relatives of a deceased person.
  • Project managers need an overview of which costs have already been incurred on certain cost centers.

These examples make it clear that it can make more sense to implement tasks with small, clear workflows outside of SAP.

This is where Notes comes into play and can ideally unfold its special advantages.

The advantages of Notes2SAP

By integrating HCL Notes/Domino with SAP, users can work comfortably with Notes - not with SAP.

They only receive the relevant data from the SAP system, nothing more. You don't need to be trained in SAP. You don't even need to know it exists.


In a Notes mask or in the browser of an intranet/Internet application, SAP data or SAP entries are offered in a sensibly reduced form.

In a compact, clear form, users only see what is actually needed for the task at hand.

Input verification and validation ensures that only requests that can be processed by SAP can be sent.

It is possible to submit requests online, and it is also possible to import a specific selection of SAP data into Notes databases during nightly runs.

Avoidance of media discontinuities and manual activities reduce your costs.
If Notes/Domino is already in use, our experience a Notes solution is the cheaper alternative with at least equivalent performance.

Expertise and skills

We are specialists in interfaces between HCL Notes/Domino and SAP.

The acquired know-how has led to the development of a highly standardized collection of routines, with which we create customer-specific interfaces in the shortest possible time.
This technology, which is also used in our SAP2Notes standard products, enables us to implement projects with unrivalled speed.

As part of the we have KAMMACHI Consulting GmbH, an SAP consulting company, as a strategic partner. We have Notes consultants with SAP know-how and SAP consultants who understand how Notes works.
Of course, we are just as happy to work with SAP consultants and developers from your company or a designated service provider in the project.

We manage and support projects across all SAP module boundaries.

Here are some examples of customer solutions that we have implemented:

  • Sales and quotation data from SAP are imported into the SNS CRM.
  • Structured visit reports created in Notes are transferred to SAP.
  • Creditreform business reports imported into Notes are enhanced with SAP sales data and, conversely, the creditworthiness index is transferred to SAP.
  • Article data from SAP is imported into a Lotus Domino intranet ordering system (in-house online shop for consumables) and the generated orders are transferred back to SAP after approval.
  • Personnel data is transferred bidirectionally between GFI ZeitScan HR and SAP HCM.
  • Cash book information for specific budget items is retrieved from the SAP POS module on the intranet.
  • Mobile workforce management solution for dispatching maintenance orders with fully dynamic checklists and measurement data input forms to field engineers and returning collected data to SAP.

The technology

Technically, there are several ways to connect HCL Notes/Domino and SAP.

The two best-known are the "IBM Lotus Notes Connector for SAP Solutions" and the Java Connector from SAP. In addition, there are various proprietary offerings on the market that are essentially based on the Java Connector.

The advantages of the HCL SAP connector:

  • Reduces the development effort for interfaces, as function modules can be called directly from LotusScript.
  • GFI has a variety of ready-made libraries that can be integrated out of the box into yourr applications.
  • High performance even with large amounts of data

If you do not yet have a connector, we recommend purchasing the HCL connector despite the not inconsiderable license costs.