When it comes to informing a large number of people quickly and reliably via email, the MailingListServer is the perfect tool.

The task of the MailingListServer is to send (if desired, regularly) e-mails to predefined recipient groups, so-called mailing lists.

Instead of flooding the address fields of your mail client with recipient addresses, send your email to a single address. The MailingListServer processes the previously defined mailing list and takes over the task of sending your e-mails to all specified recipients. Naturally, with an individual greeting for each recipient, if desired.

With the MailingListServer you can:
  • Introduce new products and services to customers and interested parties
  • Send regular newsletters
  • Pass statements to the press on time
  • Invite investors and selected customers to your trade fair stands
  • Distribute event data of all kinds
  • Notify existing customers of important changes within the company

Working with the MailingListServer is very simple.
The input masks for creating and maintaining the mailing lists are practically self-explanatory.
If your employee can work with Lotus Notes, they can also maintain the mailing lists.
To send a serial mail, no knowledge of the mail technology and the databases in the background is required.


HCL Notes is able to send emails to a large number of recipients. So why use the MailingListServer?

HCL Notes/Domino is an excellent and powerful mail platform. However, the manual creation and maintenance of extensive recipient lists in the Notes address books has its limits. This is especially true for dynamic mailing lists where members can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves.

The MailingListServer offers this option. You will find everything you need for a successful mailing campaign optimised in an attractive database design. All you have to do is write your e-mail.

The perfect addition

MailingListServer is a native application for the HCL Notes/Domino platform. It was developed exclusively for use on HCL Domino servers. It therefore fits seamlessly into the concept and interfaces of this platform and runs on any system with HCL Domino R6.0 or higher.



Easy does not mean simple here.

The features of the MailingListServer at a glance.


  • Self-registration and cancellation of recipients by e-mail using "subscribe / unsubscribe"
  • Personalised salutation for individual subscribers
  • Emails can now also be sent on a time-controlled basis
  • Serial emails that have already been sent can be sent again
  • Mail-based help function
  • Easy to use thanks to context-sensitive online help in Notes
  • Complete revision of the user interface and improvement of usability
  • Freely definable sender address for outgoing e-mails
  • The database documentation has been revised
  • Invalid mail addresses are filtered by the system (optional)

  • Mail-in entry for the list(s) can be made manually
  • Definition of access rights on the basis of mailing lists
  • Sending of newsletters by sending an email to the list only by authorised senders
  • Double opt-in: registration only possible after confirmation of an e-mail (optional)

  • From version 3.0 there is now an installation database
  • The remote administration function has been completely revised and tested
  • Centrally administrable mailing lists
  • Error reports by e-mail (optional)
  • Possibility to define a maximum mail size
  • Various error states that occur, e.g. when sending a serial e-mail, can be dealt with more specifically using storable messages
  • Configuration documents and configuration options have been revised/extended
  • Introduction of several e-mail lists within an MLS database

  • Runs on any HCL Domino server from R6.0
  • Sending emails in HTML or text format
  • Easy dispatch in any foreign language
  • Sending newsletters directly from the Notes client
  • Sending of file attachments
  • Compliance with widely used standards


Installing MailingListServer has never been so easy.

For the current version of MailingListServer, the installation routine has been completely revised and simplified enormously. All functions are integrated in an installation database (*.nsf) and the actual installation process is fully automated.

You only need to specify the storage location for MailingListServer and the help database for the installation.

Portfolio IGM MailingListServer Installation

Note for Notes administrators:
Under "Additional options", you can select whether a sample mail list should be created during installation and whether a mail-in entry should be written to the Domino directory. If you do not want to allow write access for external programmes, you can also set the entry manually.

The MailingListServer is ready for use immediately after installation and the first mailing list can be created. You can then create the relevant e-mail either in MailingListServer, Lotus Notes or another mail client.

If not deactivated during installation, the MailingListServer agent will then periodically send out pending emails every 5 minutes. You don't want to wait, you want the mail to go out immediately? One click is all it takes.

Licenses and Download

The MailingListServer is available for you to download free of charge.

The demo version can be used indefinitely! There are only two conditions:

  • Only one topic* (list topic) can be created
  • To each e-mail, an advertising line from GFI will be attached.
*A topic is a mailing list for a specific topic tigether with its respective recipients. For example, if you wish to send different newsletters for product A and product B, these are 2 topics.

The mailing lst can contain an unlimited number of addresses. In the full licensed version of the MailingListServers, the sent mails are advertisement free, or can contain an advertisement of your choice.

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