SNS System & User: Management of IT resources in the company

Thanks to the hierarchy technology of HCL Notes, you can, for example, hide or show components or parts of a device, which further increases clarity.

Of course, it is also possible to make only subgroups of resources visible, e.g. only all devices or domains. As a system house or large company, you also have the option of managing any number of customers/companies.

With SNS System & User you can see at a glance what components are installed in a server or PC. Other views include, for example, network interfaces or software products used by the server or PC. Of course, the information on the AFA or which user has a profile on the machine should not be missing. Add further components from the warehouse or return them to the warehouse.

SNS System & User can also be used as a ticket system for support enquiries and a call database. This keeps you up to date with support cases and the distribution of subtasks.
High performance:
    • Management of all types of IT components and assets
    • Management of software used with licence number check
    • Management of Internet resources such as domains, e-mail addresses and FTP access
    • Management of departments, locations, cost centres, rooms and warehouses
    • Management of contracts that you can bill with SNS Work-in-One
    • Documentation of any changes to the data
    • Asset accounting, depreciation for the next few years
    • Management of several customers, e.g. as a system house or corporate group

Everything under one interface - HCL Notes:
    • E-mail/calendar, group calendar, resubmissions, tasks, Internet
    • Teamroom, discussion forums
    • Centralised storage of Microsoft Office documents

Easy to use:
    • Can be distributed to any number of systems (PCs, notebooks, etc.)
    • Individual assignment of access rights
    • Automated mail merge, e-mail and fax function
Our offer
As an SNS development partner, GFI can offer you the full range of SNS System & User services, including customisation for your company.