ZeitScan 4.0

According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) (C-55/18 from 14.05.2019), employers must objectively and reliably monitor compliance with the maximum working hours of their employees.
The actual working time must be recorded and documented, according to the ECJ, the recording of overtime is not sufficient.

To comply with the EU Working Time Directive (2003/88/EG) and the latest ruling, we have a solution for you: ZeitScan.

ZeitScan 4.0 is a system for personnel time recording that can be used to cover all requirements of company time recording.

It is highly configurable, personalizable and allows the precise recording of all relevant data, even if your company works with a wide variety of working time models.

In ZeitScan 4.0, regular working hours such as standard 40-hour weeks can be recorded just as conveniently and securely as the special working hours of field staff with flexitime and other special arrangements.

The planning and recording of vacations and public holidays, monitoring of total working hours, automatic deregistration of employees in the event of time overruns, assignment of working hours to cost centers and flexitime arrangements can also be easily implemented with ZeitScan 4.0.

ZeitScan 4.0 uses HCL Notes/Domino as its base. This enables the use of the proven, finely granulated rights management and the integrated Notes mail system for notifications. Notes replication also makes it possible to manage multiple branches across locations.

There are three ways to register for the recording of working hours in ZeitScan 4.0:
  • by logging in to the Notes client
  • from any web browser
  • via any commercially available terminal such as PCS (also with barcode or chip cards)

What ZeitScan 4.0 can't offer! This solution is used exclusively for personnel time recording. It is not possible to calculate wages and salaries on the basis of the data collected. However, export filters are included to pass the data on to any commercially available payroll software.

In the following boxes, we would like to introduce you to the possibilities of ZeitScan 4.0. This will give you a personal impression of how profitable and effective this tool can be in your personnel time recording.

Personalised Data

The personalised Zeitscan 4.0 portal for each employee

When starting Zeitscan 4.0, each employee is presented with all the menus and options they need in their personal portal, based on their status in the system. With just a few clicks of the mouse, they get an overview of their own status and are comprehensively informed about all times entered so far.

Possible incorrect entries by employees, whether accidental or intentional, are excluded by the internal plausibility check in Zeitscan 4.0.

As a general rule, every action within Zeitscan 4.0 is precisely logged and is available for review if necessary.

The roles

Zeitscan 4.0 works with three different roles, which make it possible to distribute the access and management tasks neatly among employees.

  • The employee
    The employees see only data and options for their own personel working time account. They can view their personal data such as status, clock-on and clock-off times, cost center, which working time model applies to them and what their current hourly balance of working hours and vacation days looks like.
    They can also enter special times (e.g. Trainings, Holidays, sick days) – which depending upon employee rights may be passed to the supervisor for approval.
  • The supervisor
    In addition to his own working time account, the supervisor also manages the accounts of other employees. This task is usually performed by company supervisors such as foremen or team leaders. The time supervisor can monitor and change entries of the other employees and approve or reject submitted special times. They can only release their own special times if they are given permission to do so. If these rights are missing, they must submit their special times to the Manager for approval.
  • The manager
    The manager role owns all rights in the time recording system. The manager is responsible for configuring and maintaining all master data with which the system works. Even the time scan manager can only release special times for himself if he is granted the right to do so.


The following is a list of the most important features of ZeitScan 4.0.

ZeitScan 4.0 is therefore the right answer to the steady increase in individual working time models.

  • Usability
Users only need a very short training.
  • Personal Portal
Each user is only presented with the data that is relevant to him.
  • Allowed Sign-In Types
For each employee, it can be determined how they are allowed to log in to the system (Notes, browser or terminal). Combinations are possible.
  • Mobile Registration
Logging in from a mobile device (BlackBerry, PDA, etc.) via a browser is also possible.
  • Blackout times when logging in and out
Avoids repeated log-ins and log-outs of an employee in a short period of time.
  • Automatic unsubscribes
If an employee forgets to log out of the system, they will be automatically logged out after a predefined period of time.
  • Unauthorised absences
If an employee does not log in at the specified time and there are no entries for special times, this is registered and reported by the system.
  • Cost Center Assignment
Employees, special times and allowances
  • Import of employees
When ZeitScan 4.0 is first launched, all existing employees can be imported from the public Notes address book. There is no need for time-consuming, manual data entry, but it is possible at any time.
  • Working time models
Time recording can operate with any number of working time models. If necessary, each employee can be assigned their own working time model.
  • Calendar Overview
All approved special times are recorded in a calendar overview.
  • Notifications via Notes Mail
Communication between employees in ZeitScan 4.0 takes place via the Notes-internal mail system. The text of these automatically generated mails can be freely predefined.
  • "System Time" and "Trust Time"
In the case of "Time Recording with System Time", the system time of the current system on which the employee logs in or out is recorded at the respective log-in/log-off time.
In the case of "Time Tracking with Trust Time", the employee can manually set the log-in or log-out time.
  • Archiving
Recorded time slots can be exported to archive databases in order to keep the active database lean and performant.
  • Public holidays
Public holidays can be predefined for each federal state / country. This data is then automatically taken into account by ZeitScan 4.0.


The licenses for ZeitScan 4.0 are available in blocks of 50 users or more.

This allows you to set up new user accounts in ZeitScan 4.0 at any time as needed, and you don't have to worry about the number of existing licenses all the time.

If you upgrade to the next major license package, you will only be charged the difference to the previous package. After entering the new license key, the extended licenses are immediately available.

The maintenance contract for ZeitScan 4.0 includes, among other things, the free and automatic purchase of all new program versions as well as unlimited telephone support or - if set up - remote maintenance support for questions and problems.


We can provide you with a demo version of ZeitScan 4.0 to download. The number of employee accounts to be managed is limited to a maximum of 5, otherwise this version is fully functional and can also be used indefinitely.

Test ZeitScan 4.0 extensively and without any time pressure.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you!