Customer Relationship and Document Management for Lotus Notes.

The connection to SAP and BlackBerry expands the range of use and the solution can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of your company.


Key Features:

  • Address and calendar function/follow-up
  • Automated serial operations
  • Correspondence Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Monitoring of all activities
  • Individual management of access rights
  • ERP Integration (SAP)
  • BlackBerry Integration
  • On-line capability
HCL Notes as the ideal platform
The topic of CRM is still a hotly debated one in the market. There are many solutions, but HCL Notes in particular seems to offer itself as a platform for flexible and cross-site use. In companies that already use HCL Notes, employees do not have to adapt to a completely new working environment. E-mails from your own mailbox can be transferred to SNS CRM. In addition, SNS CRM offers all the features of modern CRM software.

SAP Connection
With a largely standardized interface, SNS CRM can be connected to SAP with minimal effort. Master data is pulled from the central SAP system, and everything that the field service needs on site, for example, can then be entered or read out locally on the laptop after replication. And last but not least, this flexible combined solution is also significantly lower in price than other, expensive SAP solutions.

Access via BlackBerry
Integration is our primary goal. Therefore, you can also access SNS CRM on the go using a BlackBerry smartphone. Wherever you go, it's so easy to take your customer data with you.

As a document management system, SNS DOC is an ideal complement to SNS CRM.

If you often send the same large files, SNS DOC is almost a must have! Whether it's terms and conditions, demo versions or info PDFs, you can send all kinds of attachments from SNS DOC via SNS CRM without having to save them every time. And this not only benefits the performance of your CRM database, but is also a real relief in terms of usability.


Key Features

  • Multi-site capability
  • Mobile application
  • Individual and flexible management of access rights
  • Document
  • Management by category
  • Full-text search
  • Connection to SNS CRM
  • Document History
  • Contact history via SNS CRM
Note: SNS DOC is an extension module to SNS CRM and does not run on its own.

What we offer

As an SNS development partner, GFI can offer you the complete services for SNS CRM / SNS DOC, including individual adaptations for your company.